Wednesday, 8 April 2015

TW'sV on baptism, votes and choices

'It's Anna here from BBC Songs of Praise.  Is it true you have your own River Jordan and baptise people there?'  We chatted and I assured her it was no gimmick; it has became a local tradition since the first in 2003.  Arrangements were made with all those concerned and a first class crew respectful filmed the occasion. 

Over the years tabloids have heard about these baptisms but I find it very difficult getting them to report what actually goes on.  In one case they reduced the age of a candidate and a local rumour started that baptism in the Jordan washes the years off you!!

Songs of Praise is one of the longest running programmes and has an excellent reputation for respecting and celebrating the Christian faith.   You can see the clip on

Baptism is choosing the best for a child, knowing that when they are ready to stand on their own two feet they can make the baptism promises themselves and be confirmed in their faith.  But there are other choices too; this month those of us eighteen or above can vote for a variety of candidates.
Graphic by The Independent
After the baptism people commented on how respectful the camera crew were, on a perfect baby boy well supported by family and friends, and on the prayers I led.  The Springhead is a chocolate box scene but for young people in the borough trying to find jobs locally is not easy, so I prayed that those patronised by 0 hour contracts should have honouring employment that brought out their greatest skills.  The words were chosen carefully because a few choose 0 hour contracts which give them freedom to work or not.

Our choices make a difference.  In some cases those at the top are paid obscenely more than those at the bottom, and sometimes we as tax payers underwrite their risk.  The John Lewis Partnership shows what can be done in rewarding all for performance, and in having a significant but just reward for those who carry the heavy responsibility of leadership.

May we choose wisely.