Monday, 6 January 2020

Adventure, and toothbrushes

Robust romance leads to adventure, so if I send or receive a fleeting gesture on Valentine's Day it's unlikely to be remembered. On the other hand if I live in a grace-full way as opposed to a grace-less one, then life will be more exciting and rewarding.

East Suffolk Council

After Christmas I try to thank any 'recycling operatives', the fantastic people clearing away the tons of rubbish after our celebrations. They are often cheery, even though only getting one or two days holiday. So much of what they collect is the residue of fleeting gestures.

The amazing lego kits will be built, jigsaws done, internet bombarded with a myriad of new devices ... and what will last? Imagination to create something different from all those coloured bricks; websites giving inspiration, perspective, and humour; and above all relationships that evolve with generosity.

In September 2018 I bought some bamboo toothbrushes [as if only cleaning one tooth?!]. I was delighted to be asked in a pub what had happened to them. Well, the spent brushes didn't go to landfill; instead I used them as kindling to light the wood burner. It felt good not to add more plastic to the environment.

by Ash Mills

At first sight this stunning picture makes it look like Salisbury Cathedral is flooded; in fact the reflection is on water filling the font. The image reminds us of our relationship with nature. Will we be graceful towards her beauty and power, or treat her as a dump? 

Half hour worship by candlelight takes place in St Andrew's at 7.30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. We've just finished a series on marriage, and celebrated a core part of life which needs support from everyone, whether married or not. Some of the wisest counsellors are single and can see the wood from the trees.

In in all our relationships with each ourselves, with other, with different cultures, and with nature may we seek the greatest fulfilment. Jesus' first miracle was to turn water into wine at a wedding. He blessed adventure.