Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Wiki is everywhere. Wiki-Leaks makes a vast amount of information available to all. Some argue that we're safer because some secrets are now in the public domain, while others think we've been compromised. That debate continues.

Wiki-How gives peer reviewed practical advice on a huge range of everyday challenges. Wiki-Pedia has become the first port of call for many an enquirer. Some thought that it would be unreliable and a forum for fake or hate. Clever algorithms keep content in check, although it shouldn't necessarily be taken as gospel.

So what? Wiki-Whatevers show that together the world community can produce reliable accessible truth. It's important to celebrate these remarkable achievements because [as I argued last month] we should confront false behaviour or information without feeding their massive appetites for attention.

Jesus didn't have Wiki to hand but he was skilled at using stories and symbols. These encourage our imagination, interpretation, and often engagement with each other. They stick in our minds to inoculate us against dis-ease. Often ordinary happenings are the setting for Jesus' yarns, where truth is woven [excuse pun] in at every level. It must be part of our conversations too.

In April the candlelight services [St Andrew, Preston 7.30 - 8.00pm every Tuesday and Friday] focused on St Paul's invitation to soak in whatever is honourable, just, pure, pleasing, commendable, excellent, or praiseworthy [Philippians 4.8-9]. By the way, you are very welcome to join us. These times have an amazing homely awesome resonance.

In a world where we're showered in endless fake, hate, sad, and bad it can be great to bathe in all that's positive. Incidentally St Paul had integrity because he said we should note his actions as well as his words.

Good on you!