Friday, 9 February 2018

Wooden toothbrush?

Keeping our teeth, and planet clean are both vital. BBC's Blue Planet II showed vividly just how much the oceans are being polluted by mega-tons of plastic, from microbeads to rope, to bottles galore. How can you and I make a difference?

We need to make the switch go, to be persistent. What switch? The one that changes our behaviour, both individually and internationally. On her recent visit to China, Prime Minister May gave President Xi Jinping a copy of Blue Plant II. It contained a note that both countries should do their bit to phase out plastic. Iceland supermarkets have promised to do that in 5 years, and our government in 25 which is far too slow.

Each of us has purchasing power, which can make a real difference when it adds up. Fair Trade is a good example of that, and we encourage it through regular stalls at our Churches. What and how we purchase makes a difference, so what about cleaning teeth?

I enjoyed some banter in a local hostelry when I raised the issue. I've just bought my first wooden toothbrush, and I like its feel. When worn out I won't be adding it to landfill, where plastic toothbrushes die. Mine will join kindling wood to help me keep warm.

We did discuss whether a tooth brush could be made of pork scratchings! Once you have cleaned your teeth, you would eat the brush. Sounds great, but of course you need to clean your teeth again.

Jesus said we need to keep on working at what makes a difference. Keep on seeking solutions. Keep praying for inspiration and power for one another. I've been impressed by the Alpha course we've been running. The last session was on making a difference, and it reminded us of William Wilberforce who was determined to get Parliament to pass a law abolishing slavery. It took him about seven attempts, and he only succeeded a few days before he died.

Let's make a difference to clean up our planet.