Thursday, 6 February 2020

Faith = Belief x Action

I'll have mixed emotions when I first receive a Brexit 50p coin, and perhaps that's exactly right. We've been told to choose one option or the other: in or out, control or influence, border or not.
Jesus' actions were challenged by a trick binary choice: should he pay taxes to the emperor or not. He asked for a coin [Matthew 22.15-22] and flagged up that it had two sides, one bearing the emperor's head. He argued that his challengers had responsibilities both to God and to the emperor.

It is unclear quite where the United Kingdom goes from here, but whatever the outcome it should include a balance between all our responsibilities. Open debate is essential, and the disturbing trend in government of avoiding scrutiny is a dangerous path. Jesus responded to questions, and asked many himself. 'Speaking truth to power' is the motto of the United Nations; we all need to be held to account.

The famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel's father believed that he could build a tunnel from Kent to France. As I understand it the Chunnel actually starts at the original site of what proved to be a hopelessly optimistic attempt. He had belief but his actions didn't bare it out.

Several generations after that failure tunnelling machines working from France and Britain met under the English Channel. 25 years later an average of 60,000 passengers pass through the tunnel each day, along with 4,600 trucks, 140 coaches and 7,300 cars; that's about a quarter of our continental trade.

The faith of many thousands involved was demonstrated by their actions in turning their collective belief into reality. It wasn't easy, but adventures rarely are. However, they left an amazing legacy, and a fine example of greener travel because it's powered without using carbon fuels.

You and I won't build a tunnel, but the small details of our living can present the same challenge: will we #makeadifference by demonstrating our beliefs through action? I thank God so many do, and add my hearty encouragement.