Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Yes, we are!

Are what? Responsible for your actions! Whether we are part of a rural community or live in an urban environment, whether we have local or international responsibilities ~ that's what they are, responsibilities.

The Old Testament part of the Bible includes material from pre-history until about 2,200 years ago. The earliest stories were passed on from one generation to the next by word of mouth. It's a fantastic collection of literature, and around a third of it is poetry.

This span of time sets out the basics of human relationships with our Creator, with nature, and with each other. One of the fundamentals made absolutely clear is that we are accountable for our actions. What does this mean in practice?

I signed the e-petition to Parliament which understands President Trump's visit, but asks that it should not include undue pomp. May I encourage you to sign it too, as part of our democratic freedom? []. I agree with Speaker Bercow that Trump should not be invited to address political leaders because of the wild claims he has made, and the dangerous disrespectful language he has used.

Jesus became embroiled with the politics of his day, and pointed out that it is by their fruits that you shall know them. So let's see what Trump's tenure brings. Some have argued that he does 'what it says on the tin' rather than vacillating. I'm not one who would have bought that tin in the first place.

As always, for every finger we point far more point back at us. Jesus also said, we shouldn't worry about the speck in someone else's eye if we have a plank in ours. But that's doesn't mean turning a blind eye!? We should challenge lies, and anything that demeans people or faith or gender. Avoiding hypocrisy is vital. We should never be self-righteous.

In short, we are all accountable for our actions, words, and manner.