Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Hiding, and recharging

There's generally something attractive about the young of any species, for example: chicks, cubs, and foals. The way they run for cover when there's a threat is endearing. It's a picture Jesus used when expressing both a rational and emotional response to those confused, misled, or in danger.

When it comes to God's love, going for cover is a sensible response at any age. Hiding under the shadow of his wing is a place of security, but don't worry because we soon emerge to face another challenge in life's adventure. Who knows what's around the corner.

When the Beast from the East collided with Storm Emma we had two days of winter: bread and milk disappeared from some shops; there was panic buying; neighbours turned out to dig paths, tow ambulances, spread grit, and call on those shut inside. It brought the best and worst out in us. It also showed how fragile our infrastructure is.

Churches contain sanctuaries, places of rest and refreshment. Some have nest boxes providing the same in their gardens. Nature tells us we need safe places, and need to recharge our batteries. Why not join in one of many acts of worship to do just that?

You will always find a welcome in the Ridgeway Churches.