Thursday, 7 May 2020

Let's go hunting

Our family recently did a joint video version of the Lion Hunt, where everyone copies the leader's actions and chant 'Can't go round it, can't go over it, have to go through it!'. There follow sound effects of climbing trees, crossing bridges, going through swamps etc to discover a cave where the lion is hiding and waiting for them. At high speed the petrified troupe have to reverse all the sounds in the right order until reaching the safety of home.

The Coronavirus Challenge is one for the whole world, alongside halting climate change, stopping littering, and vastly reducing waste. We've got to go through it and, unlike the lion hunt, can't reverse things at high speed. Socialising at a distance is to be part of the new norm, but thank God for all the contacts we've been enjoying through the web. Incidentally, please keep a lookout for those who can't join in, and who won't have a printed Register this month. 

Sorry there was no View from me last time; I was incredibly busy trying to establish a pattern for Phase 1, and coping with the immense privilege of many mini-funerals. Incidentally they are honouring, heartbreaking, and at times intimate [at a distance, so no panic!?], even fun. it's so amazing to give thanks to the Almighty for the miracle of life.

If you've not found it yet I'm on Facebook as canon.tim.west and normally post a couple of times each day. If you're not on Facebook then let me know you email address, and I can send you a link [bcc to protect your privacy]. A video link just needs to be opened, and you're away without having to join Facebook.

Coronavirus Challenge Phase 2 is likely to include masks [Darth Vader or otherwise!?], and will mean socialising at a distance. We will evolve slowly. This applies to worship events too. Each setting is different, so solutions will be unique for ages, locations, and type of worship. It is unlikely that Holy Communion will be distributed conventionally until a vaccine has taken effect, however many have received the simple symbols of bread and wine at home while watching one of my Sunday posts.

Love never recognises boundaries, whether time, space, virus, or anything else. As St Paul put it in his famous Poem 'Love never ends' [1 Corinthians 13.8]. Jesus described himself as the Way, Truth, and Life. 

May he be our leader on this hunt for a better future.