Monday, 4 November 2019

How should I vote this Christmas?

It would be wrong to tell you which political party to vote for but it's appropriate to suggest things to consider in making a choice. Here's a list which might help in choosing who to support:
 1) are they taking green issues seriously?
 2) do you trust that their promises will be honoured?
 3) are they balancing justice with mercy?
 4) do empowerment and aspiration feature?
 5) will they be a good constituency MP?
 6) and are they addressing Brexit?

As I shake hands after worship in the Church it's not unusual to hear a wide range of opinions about party political issues. That's great because it demonstrates that faith brings with it responsibility to vote, to play a part in the community, our nation, and through appropriate world-wide causes.

Going back to my suggestions [and of course there are many other factors], let me argue for those who are not old enough to vote but are clearly expressing their concerns through demonstrations right across the world. 1, 4 & 6 have vital long-term implications in a world largely controlled by vested interest. Our votes should represent those without an electoral voice. Incidentally, I think 16 would be a good age to begin voting; after all it's when you can get married without parental permission!

2, 3 & 5 are about the integrity of the candidates. Being a Member of Parliament is an amazingly difficult role to fulfil, with instant social media reporting or distorting responses to questions. However Jesus was a master at responding to those trying to catch him out. A classic response to a binary question was to ask for a coin. Are you on God's side or the emperor's? He said a coin had two sides, and so our allegiance is both to state and to God.

The miracle of Christmas is that God showed himself to us in human form through the baby Jesus. He was the ultimate constituency member because he grew up to become involved in all aspects of life, and that gave him the right to be our Representative.

So lastly, do vote for those who take faith seriously, and a very Happy Christmas to you.