Wednesday, 6 May 2015

TW'sV on energy

I sent my postal votes in as soon I could, so the last fortnight of the election campaigning was a bit lost on me: a pledge 'tombstone'; a pledge to legislate against altering taxes (surely a key responsibility of government); riding a merry-go-round horse; pints, kisses, and smiles; and to cap it all, whether a princess was blue or red!
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Frantic energy use, which made little difference but did exhaust key participants before they entered into coalition conversation.  I know Nigel dipped out early in the campaign for an afternoon or two, but a mature statesman would have taken a well publicised break before election night.  S/he could argue rightly that energy was required for careful consideration and decisions after the election.

Over the years kindly folk have wondered what is my greatest challenge, and I think it is finding and using energy.  Some see power from an electrical socket as an energy quite different from the power of love, yet both enable us to do things which otherwise would be impossible.  It might be coping with sleepless nights, endless questions, and all the myriad challenges of nurturing children.  Or it could be getting through a mountain of washing.

The privilege of being alongside people experiencing amazing joy, the heart-ache of acute grief, the discovery of liberation in worship, and so many other deeply spiritual encounters, all these take energy from me.  It's a huge honour, but keeping energised is vital for all of us.

How do we do that?  I find it varies enormously.  For example, I had to attend a residential for rural deans.  We did some important work on environmental issues; I travelled there and back by cycle and train ~ no problem.  However the frustrations of being part of an institution largely absorbed by itself (whether that's entirely fair or not!) got to me.  When back home I needed to burn off some of that hassle by borrowing one of our son's fancy road bikes and cycling up the Relief Road, along the Ridgeway, and down Plaisters Lane.

At other times sitting by the beach lost in thoughtful prayers, listening to rousing music, or reading familiar passages from the Bible recharge the batteries.  It often needs both rhyme and reason.

So, now that electioneering is over, what energises you?  The Ridgeway Churches, and our Sister Churches across the area offer a huge resource.  It may be that playing a part in worship is just what you need.  You will always be welcomed at a healthy range of different places and times.  You can also enjoy very different styles.

The Ridgeway website has local details, or you can turn to page 20 in a copy of the Register magazine.