Saturday, 11 July 2015

TW'sV on making all things new

'Data is the new pollution' says Andrew Keen who is internet friendly, but has written a book called The Internet is not the Answer.  We use over 10% of our electricity maintaining the Web.  Much of what we keep is junk.
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'Sitting is the new cancer' according to Tim Cook CEO of Apple.  More welloff people may become ill through lack of exercise rather than infection.  Perhaps that is why his company has designed so many health gadgets and apps to run on their equipment!

'I am making all things new' is the shout that springs out of the pages of Revelation, a fantastic book bursting with images describing heaven.  It is the last book in the Bible.  Heaven is a completely new experience.

As we evolve we face [and create] new challenges.  The same is true as we grow out of childhood into being young adults.  Most of the time we relish the new, but the ultimate adventure is realising the newness of heaven.  How do we get a handle on that?
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I've often been asked what heaven is like, and for that matter what's hell?  One answer is to pick up on the language we use.  A fantastic day might be heavenly, and I think it has been a taste of heaven.  We describe ghastly experiences as going through hell, and again I think they are a hint of what it's like.

There's a bit of a thread linking these thoughts together, because we are increasingly invited to store our data in the cloud.  The picture above comes from a company offering steps to cloud storage.  What is certain is that digital media can't capture the essence of heaven, that's stored in our hearts!

When we work with nature we create beauty and she glows.  Pollution greys the skies and water flows, and introduces hellish environments that choke our breath.  So it's a fantastic encouragement that since 2013 the world had invested more in clean energy than in coal, natural gas, and oil combined.  That's something new, a little aroma of heaven!

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