Friday, 10 July 2020

After the clap it's up to us

Annemarie Plas, a Dutch expatriate living in London, copied the clap for our carers from a similar event that she had seen in the Netherlands. It caught on, and we were particularly encouraged locally when the ocean going liners anchored in Weymouth Bay joined in with their hooters.

The weekly Thursday clap has now been wound up to be replaced by an annual clap on the anniversary of the founding of the NHS [72 years old on 5 July this year]. However I think it's now up to us to generate and enjoy community conversations, and to bear one another's burdens.

Jesus was always chatting with those around him, and he invited us to share challenges with him. In fact he invites us to learn from him so we don't get weighed down by worries but find that our spirits are liberated; the we can carry loads with ease.

So, when you feel like it and the weather is fine, why not tell you neighbours that you'd like them to join you for a cuppa on the street?

I did that recently and we had a great time. Nobody else joined in, but that didn't matter because others might have shut down some of our banter. Things don't always have to be on a huge or national scale! Over these coming months it's very much up to us how we behave.

I'm certain that we will have to learn to crawl before we walk, and running may well be some time away. Meanwhile, God's surprising blessings in this pandemic adventure.

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